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Welcome to Alaska!

Alaska Travel Adventures can help make your Alaska vacation dreams come true! You can trust us to create the best Alaska vacation for you, whether your vacation interests involve a luxury cruise, an independent land tour, or a combination land and sea package. We are one of Alaska's most diversified vacation companies, with a staff of over 200 statewide employees, and 39 years of experience.

You'll find a variety of ways to experience Alaska, on this website. Many of them can be combined to enhance and enrich your Alaska vacation. Our Alaska Highway Cruises combination RV and cruise packages can't be beat, for a complete no hassle land and sea vacation. Enjoy a 3, 4 or 7-day Holland America Line cruise, then take control of your own easy-to-drive Class C motorhome for 1 to 3-weeks, complete with reserved private campgrounds, easy-to-follow maps and directions, and the freedom to set your own pace.

Our Alaska Motorhome Rentals is a perfect choice if cruising is not in your plans. There's no better way to explore Alaska's interior than from the comfort and convenience of an RV. You sit up high to better enjoy the scenery. There's no daily packing and unpacking luggage. You have total freedom to stop when and where you want, for however long you wish. Most of our RV rental customers tell us they wouldn't do it any other way.

Our Best of Alaska Day Tours & Attractions enable you to experience more of Alaska, up close and from unique perspectives, throughout your Alaska vacation, whether on land or by sea or both. Our professional guides will connect you with Alaska's wilderness, wildlife and spectacular scenery on a variety of experiences. Drive your own 4-wheel drive Jeep Wrangler® as you follow your guide over bumps and around bends through the Klondike Gold Rush territory, on unmaintained logging roads, while being entertained via your CB radio. Join us for a whale watching adventure cruise with guaranteed whales; whitewater rafting on a glacier-fed river; wilderness sea kayaking in a peaceful, protected bay; native-style canoeing among icebergs at a glacier face; guided nature hikes through a temperate rainforest; authentic gold panning in a gold filled creek; Robert Service melodrama with gold rush history; and outdoor salmon bakes. These and more Best of Alaska Day Tours & Attractions are available throughout Alaska.

Thank you for your interest in Alaska Travel Adventures. Let us help make your Alaska dreams come true.


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